Patient Testimonials

  • While I would certainly have preferred to have not found myself in need of physical therapy in the first place, I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at Performance Therapy institute.

    I was battling a herniated disc and pretty nasty compressed nerve root – that was really causing me a lot of pain and impacting my day-to day activities. I had a couple of meetings with an orthopedic surgeon who (thankfully) suggested I meet with Josh at PTI – in an effort to avoid further diagnostic visits and, most importantly, to avoid spine surgery.

    Literally within a few minutes after meeting with Josh he had diagnosed (what was later confirmed by an MRI) exactly what was causing me so much pain, had a treatment plan put together to first remedy the pain, secondly to restore neck and arm motion and lastly to leave me with some tools and techniques to keep up the therapy at home. It took some work and some patience – but I really can’t describe how well things turned out.

    I should also comment that PTI’s facility is modern, clean, and comfortable and their equipment is top-notch. Josh and the rest of the staff are professional and courteous and very personable. I definitely felt like I was getting personalized care. I’ve had no experience with other therapy companies to compare to PTI; however, I did have a number of conversations with other PTI patients that had. The common theme was, “I really wish I had started out at Performance Therapy – what I was doing before was a waste of time.”

    Thanks so much to Josh and the team at PTI !!

    Jason S.

  • I’ve only had two visits (so far) and my TMJ and neck pain are already improving. Of course, I’ve been faithfully doing the exercises as prescribed. I can’t say enough positive things about Performance Therapy Institute. These folks know what they’re doing!

    Pam B.

  • I had surgery for a torn meniscus in my knee and my doctor recommended several weeks of physical therapy. I was referred by a friend to Josh and his team at Performance Therapy Institute.

    I have seen both Josh and Tracy for my therapy and have been extremely pleased with both of them! They are very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They are highly committed to safe and effective therapy for all their clients. I was always greeted with a smile and they were always prompt and attentive once I arrived. While there, they make certain you are doing what you need to do to get better and they make sure you are doing it correctly and with proper form. Your sessions are tailored for your individual needs. They take their time and never rush you while you are there. I am very impressed and happy with the entire staff at Performance and would recommend them to anyone! I will miss seeing them once my therapy sessions are complete!

    Denise S.

  • Josh and staff at PTI have worked miracles on me. I suffered a terrible case of medial epicondylitis followed by a bulging disc in my C5 vertebrae that caused a pinched nerve that rendered my left arm relatively useless. With the help of Josh at PTI I am back on the golf course after a 6 month forced hiatus and I have never felt better. Thank you so much for what you have done for me!!

    Rob D.

  • I had a great experience working with Josh. I am in my mid-30s and was struggling with lower back and hip issues which were making it difficult to run and play soccer without risking further injury. Working with Josh, I started feeling better in a few visits and I made big improvements over a few months. Josh did a great job of identifying my underlying issues and designing a therapy program to address them. The center doesn’t over-schedule so I had a lot of individual attention and observation from Josh. Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend Performance Therapy.

    David B.

  • I am so thankful to have been able to visit Performance Therapy! I could not walk without a limp when I arrived. After 3 physical therapy and laser sessions, I feel brand new! Thank you, Dr. Josh, for personalizing my visits and getting right to the source of the problem. I would recommend this therapy institute to anyone who asks!

    Lauren C.

  • After going to two other corporate owned therapy centers and getting no relief, I was referred to Josh Colbert by a family friend. Performance Therapy Institute is a hidden gem for sure! I had relief after my first visit and could not believe how much stronger I had gotten within just a few visits. The one thing that you cannot put a price on when going to any medical professional is them listening to you. Josh listened to my concerns when we first met, addressed them immediately and continued communicating with me on my progress each time I came in for my visit. He gives you a plan that is tailored to your body, not a “cookie cutter” plan that is given at most other facilities. I highly recommend Performance Therapy Institute!

    April B.

  • At 38, I was facing hip surgery and couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Thanks to Josh and his team, I was able to rehab my hip instead of having surgery. Performance Therapy Institute provides individualized care and therapy. They have brought the family feel to an industry that has mostly become systematic and financially driven. I’m so thankful for the recommendation from a friend and have referred countless friends and family to Josh since then. I highly recommend PTI to anyone wanting to experience that personal relationship with their physical therapist.

    Jenny W.

  • Josh and the team at Performance Therapy Institute are simply amazing. I came in with a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder, and major reconstructive surgery on my right foot.

    Within a few short months, my shoulder is almost back to normal and my foot is doing great.

    Their staff is friendly, courteous, and incredibly helpful. Getting laser therapy done on some of the muscle tears was a great bonus.

    If you have a need for physiotherapy, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They should be your starting place for any physical therapy need you might have.

    Dan W.

  • These folks are the BEST! Had to go to them twice in the last year, once for plantar fasciitis and once for severe back muscle spasms that had been unrelenting for a month. They got me straightened out so fast and back to full mobility with no more pain. Friendly staff who obviously care about you as an individual. Professional and thorough. Plus the facility itself is bright, welcoming and clean. Can’t say enough nice things about them. I highly recommend PTI to anyone who needs physical therapy.

    Virginia M.

  • Absolutely amazing! Josh and his staff are the best! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Works hard to make sure that you are getting better as fast as you possibly can. Hours are great, open early in morning so you can get therapy done and not have to take off work to do it. My wife, both parents, and my nephew have received therapy from Josh and his staff. All of us were super pleased with the service that we received. Go try them out, you won’t be disappointed!

    Justin W.

  • I have had the misfortune of having been injured twice in the last year. The injuries were serious enough that I was off work for several months. I needed to return to the workplace as quickly as possible and perform at a normal level. My confidence in that happening was very low.

    I was fortunate that my orthopedist recommended Performance Therapy Institute for my therapy. The staff quickly became like family and showed understanding combined with respect. They acted as complete professionals and delivered the highest level of patient care. I made a recovery much quicker due to the training and recommendations given by these good people. I have made many recommendations over the years but this company by far receives the highest.

    Sean S.

  • From the second you walk in, you know this place is different. The staff is 100% concerned with your care and well being, and it shows. My care was personalized and the one-on-one attention I received made me feel like they were truly invested in me, not just giving me a recovery program. This is by far, the best place for Physical Therapy, in Middle Tennessee.

    Sam M.

  • I highly recommend Performance Therapy Institute to anyone needing physical therapy and interested in lasting outcomes. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical. I’d battled with a painful Achilles’ tendon for years, exacerbated by a very busy tennis season. It would hurt every time I got done playing, and even stretching regularly and wearing a boot at night did not alleviate it. The doctor I saw for it actually recommended surgery if therapy didn’t help.

    Well, after just 4 weeks of therapy with Josh, it is almost as good as new. I haven’t felt this great in years. He did several strengthening exercise with me and they have made all the difference. I just came back from an entire weekend of long tennis matches, and have no problems whatsoever with my ankle. I’ve been able to stop wearing the boot at night, and my feet aren’t nearly as stiff in the morning as they used to be. This is much better than I’ve ever hoped it could get.

    I should also say that going to therapy wasn’t a drag. It’s a fun environment, there were always good conversations going on, and I ended up looking forward to my twice-weekly sessions. Go to Performance Therapy Institute if you have any joint that hurts, and don’t jump to surgery too quickly – you’ll be amazed what these strengthening exercises can do for you!

    Sine T.