Jason S.

While I would certainly have preferred to have not found myself in need of physical therapy in the first place, I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at Performance Therapy institute.

I was battling a herniated disc and pretty nasty compressed nerve root – that was really causing me a lot of pain and impacting my day-to day activities. I had a couple of meetings with an orthopedic surgeon who (thankfully) suggested I meet with Josh at PTI – in an effort to avoid further diagnostic visits and, most importantly, to avoid spine surgery.

Literally within a few minutes after meeting with Josh he had diagnosed (what was later confirmed by an MRI) exactly what was causing me so much pain, had a treatment plan put together to first remedy the pain, secondly to restore neck and arm motion and lastly to leave me with some tools and techniques to keep up the therapy at home. It took some work and some patience – but I really can’t describe how well things turned out.

I should also comment that PTI’s facility is modern, clean, and comfortable and their equipment is top-notch. Josh and the rest of the staff are professional and courteous and very personable. I definitely felt like I was getting personalized care. I’ve had no experience with other therapy companies to compare to PTI; however, I did have a number of conversations with other PTI patients that had. The common theme was, “I really wish I had started out at Performance Therapy – what I was doing before was a waste of time.”

Thanks so much to Josh and the team at PTI !!