Sine T.

I highly recommend Performance Therapy Institute to anyone needing physical therapy and interested in lasting outcomes. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical. I’d battled with a painful Achilles’ tendon for years, exacerbated by a very busy tennis season. It would hurt every time I got done playing, and even stretching regularly and wearing a boot at night did not alleviate it. The doctor I saw for it actually recommended surgery if therapy didn’t help.

Well, after just 4 weeks of therapy with Josh, it is almost as good as new. I haven’t felt this great in years. He did several strengthening exercise with me and they have made all the difference. I just came back from an entire weekend of long tennis matches, and have no problems whatsoever with my ankle. I’ve been able to stop wearing the boot at night, and my feet aren’t nearly as stiff in the morning as they used to be. This is much better than I’ve ever hoped it could get.

I should also say that going to therapy wasn’t a drag. It’s a fun environment, there were always good conversations going on, and I ended up looking forward to my twice-weekly sessions. Go to Performance Therapy Institute if you have any joint that hurts, and don’t jump to surgery too quickly – you’ll be amazed what these strengthening exercises can do for you!