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Injury Prevention

Sports-related injuries are an epidemic plaguing the fields, courts, and gymnasiums in our communities. The physical demands being placed on those participating in sports are greater now than ever. Most youth and young adults are practicing and competing year round. This constant activity takes its toll on the body. Fortunately, recent research indicates that participation in an injury prevention program can greatly reduce the risk of suffering catastrophic sports injuries like an ACL tear, rotator cuff tear, and ankle sprains.

It is important to understand that an injury prevention program is far more sophisticated than just completing exercises or working with a personal trainer. Before any appropriate injury prevention activities can be performed, one must first know his or her physical deficits or weaknesses. To identify the individual weaknesses or deficits of our clients, Performance Therapy Institute uses the MOVE2PERFORM test to examine musculoskeletal status.

The MOVE2PERFORM uses an algorithm based on years of scientifically published research to rank an individual based on their performance compared to the performance of their age, gender, and sport-specific peers so it is a true “apples to apples” comparison.

Once the MOVE2PERFORM test is complete, the tested individual will be classified into one of four categories; Substantial Risk, Moderate Risk, Slight Risk, and Optimal. With this classification, our clinicians will have very specific information about the deficits the tested individual has, and from there can design an individualized injury prevention program.

During our injury prevention programs, Performance Therapy Institute uses revolutionary technologies, such as:

  • Noraxon MyoMotion
  • MyoVIDEO system
  • AMTI force plate

This intensive testing constantly evaluates musculoskeletal status and monitors improvement.

Our injury prevention programs always conclude with a complete MOVE2PERFORM re-evaluation and performance is again measured against the tested individual’s peers. Resulting classification is communicated to the athlete, parents, and coaches.

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