Motion Analysis Franklin & Nashville, Tennessee

Motion Analysis

Understanding human motion is at the heart of understanding orthopedic problems. Many times, an abnormal movement is obvious. Unfortunately, many times, it is not. It is often subtle movement abnormalities that lead to catastrophic orthopedic injuries. At Performance Therapy Institute, we utilize a state of the art NORAXON MyoMOTION analysis system to help us accurately identify all levels of abnormal movement. Through the use of the NORAXON system, our clinicians can assess the movements of multiple joints at one time. This is paramount as human movement and performance are never limited to just one joint. Furthermore, this system allows the staff to capture movement at a rate of up to 100 frames per second and then analyze the motion in 3-D. This gives Performance Therapy Institute an unparalleled ability to gather objective movement data on our clients, leading to more precise treatments and better long-term outcomes, whether one’s goal is pain relief, injury prevention, or sports performance enhancement.

We at Performance Therapy Institute are proud to be the only physical therapy and sports performance facility in the area offering the NORAXON MyoMOTION analysis services to our clients.

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