Performance Enhancement Franklin & Nashville, Tennessee

Performance Enhancement

Athletes of all ages, abilities, and sports can benefit from performance enhancement programs to improve their skills. At Performance Therapy Institute, we help athletes of all ages reach their optimal athletic performance by providing individual programs designed to promote speed, strength, flexibility, explosion, and endurance.

Our Sport Performance Enhancement programs start with a thorough physical examination including the use of our revolutionary movement assessment technologies. Once this information is gained, a comprehensive performance enhancement program can be established to help anyone meet his or her athletic performance goals. All sports performance enhancement programs are conducted by licensed Physical Therapists. This offers our clients the opportunity to be trained by medically recognized movement experts. In addition to this, our physical therapists include techniques aimed at injury prevention in each training session.

For more information, Contact us at Franklin & Nashville, Tennessee centers at The Gulch, Charlotte Avenue, McCabe, and Downtown.

Sport Performance Packages and Pricing

1 Time Performance Evaluation

  • Thorough Examination
  • Completed by one of our Licensed Doctors
  • MOVE2PERFORM 3D Motion Analysis
  • Strength Testing
  • Sport Specific Activity Testing
  • Complete Analysis of all Results
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Peers
  • Question & Answer Session
  • Independent At-Home Correction Plan of Care

Typical Evaluation: 1 hour
Cost: $125.00

6 Session Sport Performance Package

  • Directed by one of our Licensed Doctors
  • Includes the Thorough Examination (above)
  • Includes the Expert Analysis (above)
  • Individualized Training/Exercise Program
  • Each Session Focuses on Specific Improvements
  • Independent Corrective Exercise Program
  • Concludes with Thorough Re-Evaluation/Testing
  • Thorough Question & Answer Session

Typical Time: 6 One Hour Sessions
Cost: $600*
* Evaluation included in cost!

12 Session Sport Performance Package

  • Everything outlined above
  • Intense Re-Evaluation/Testing
  • Comprehensive Independent Exercise Program
  • Question & Answer Session

12 One Hour Sessions
Cost: $1,000*
* Evaluation included in cost

Team Packages/Special Events

Please call the PTI office for availability!
(615) 465 – 6810