Return to Sport Franklin & Nashville, Tennessee

Return to Sport

Return to sport services is a major focus of Performance Therapy Institute. Far too often, individuals resume sports participation while still demonstrating movement deficits that rob performance and ultimately leave them at risk for re-injury. At Performance Therapy Institute, we start our return to sport program with a MOVE2PERFORM evaluation that tests movement patterns, balance, and sports-specific activities. Evaluation results are generated using a computer algorithm that compares the tested individuals to their age, gender, and sport-specific peers. The tested individual is then placed into one of 4 categories:

  • substantial deficit
  • moderate deficit
  • slight deficit
  • optimal

This allows our Performance Therapy Institute staff to provide athletes, parents, coaches, and doctors with objective data on an individual’s readiness to return to sport by predicting the likelihood of re-injury. If deficits are noted Performance Therapy Institute offers individualized training programs to address deficits in order to get athletes back on the field or court safely in as little time as possible. Performance Therapy Institute uses the latest technology, including high-speed cameras to capture movement, computerization movement software to analyze movement, and an AMTI force plate to measure ground reaction forces to aid in the process. This technology is currently used primarily with professional athletes only and is not offered by any other clinic in the mid-state area. All training programs are built to be sport specific in order to maximize performance once the individual in training is ready to resume sport participation. Training programs always conclude with a second MOVE2PERFORM test so progress can be objectively evaluated and reported to the appropriate personnel in order to make scientifically backed decisions regarding return to sport.

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